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By iwmadmin, July 24, 2017

Customers scanning your product pack will be taken to complete list of product range you have, along with nearby store details & map location, provision to order online, avail offers, share to friends, read recipes etc.
Reach all, convert to buyers & engage them forever through your own no-download no-install IWontMiss Quick App!

Digitally present your product range to everyone’s mobiles, tablets and PCs.
Make public to explore all your attractions.
Help public to locate your nearby dealers.
Attract and reach more public to your product series and offers.
Engage existing customers to your products forever.
Provide a mobile app to always carry & see your product catalogue.
Utilize advertisements efficiently in bringing more customers.
All searches on ice creams end up in your nearby dealer outlets.
Broadcast your market introductions & offers widely.
Turn target audience (media & promotional events) to buyers.
Influence people came to mall and theaters, to visit your counters.
Pull tech savvy young crowd to your products.
Collect leads and gather customer contact details for further promotions.
Know customer trends and interests for business forecasting and planning.

You can showcase your product range, new launches, video promotions, photo gallery,nearby-dealer list (locates current position on GPS/location services enabled, and lists nearby dealers kilometer-wise), dealer location in map with route & distance to dealer, product and dealer ratings,  offers etc., to personal devices of individuals!

It also allows interactions like express interest on to-be-launched items, recommend a product, mark likes,  etc. It also leverages your advertisements by switching from non-interactive medium like printed advertisements, posters, flex boards, notices and videos; to interactive digital catalogue in customer devices just by scanning the printed media or typing a short link!

We also make anything a medium for digital advertisement that can live long! Scanning a product wrapper, cup, carry bag or bill using mobile can take customers to your product ranges & to wide digital content set for your promotion!

For business owners, IWontMiss smartly tracks and runs analytics on customer trends, preferences, regional trends, interests, advertisement effectiveness etc., and helps you in taking the next wise step to plan strategies for market! Reports, graphs and analysis on such data are provided for your access, which will aid you in intelligent business decisions  and increase profit. You can decide locations to target for maximum profitability, demand per location, which media to select to reach more mass, and so on.

This is the best way to reach your viewers and have good visibility on public, for that all you need to do is, just place your IWontMiss account links and QR codes

•       In advertisements like hoardings, newspapers, websites and magazines

•       Inside (towards window shoppers) and near dealer shops (in the mall or street it is located)

•       On product covers, boxes and bills.

•       At promotional events, counters and materials distributed in the venue.

•       In posters, flex boards, flyers, notices and stickers.

Now, bring in the turning point you wished for your business using IWontMiss!

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