By iwmadmin, August 20, 2017

Reach mass quickly, convert to buyers & engage them through your own no-download no-install App in their mobile!

Let customers scan your books, social media posts, book expo counters etc., & find your latest books, offers, nearby stores (with contact details & route map to reach), order online, pre-order, social-share to friends, read previews, reviews & updates…

 It is your own app In customer’s mobile, to carry and interact anytime anywhere.
IWontMiss Quick Apps do not need download or installation. We are giving your customers an app that works in every platform. You no need to invest for a mobile app , supporting each operating system, models, versions and waste money in developing and maintaining all of them.

Flexible App content management: We provide all options for customers to know about you, and all business actions needed for them in a ready to use mode. Any content or user action can be set or enabled to reflect in next moment. There is no need to call for micro site developers for content change or new button. this saves money and time.

It is an analytical platform: We collect a lot of metrics to know customer and regional trends. We have various levels of customer tracking on books, offers, region , interest levels, including effectiveness of a newspaper, locality etc. It is designed to plugin anything you want to track so you can get insights on market for better decisions.
A book publisher can know beforehand how many books has to be printed and how many for each region.

Media Tracking: We can tell which newspaper advertisement was more effective, in Hindu or TOI , in Chennai or Trichy, in which day of month, at front page or film news page etc.
This is the same for offer penetration & market interest analysis on your products at different regions.
This also helps to know, a hoarding kept inside a mall is more effective or a roadside board , and then to optimize your advertisement cost.

Common platform advantage – industry wide analytical informationWe get complete picture of publishing industry across a country as more firms join us. Through analytics, we can give answers to your questions for your business study and feasibility checks,for example , which new locality in Bangalore people are looking for your books, or which are in other states this book generated interest and market possibility.      

Local searchAnybody searching for anything related to your business, through IWontMiss, will get your page listed in the result list. IWontMiss allows local searches, listing nearby sellers, that will convert to quick business. Customer will get the most nearest shop that sells your book with a route map to reach there from current position. For e.g.,  If anyone searches “personality development”  your page and book will be shown to them.

Multilingual: Same site can be shown in different languages apt for the region. So, one app in different languages for more coverage, esp for a place like India would be more acceptable and user friendly.

Broadcasting Offers and Updates: We have enabled option for registered members to get local updates. for example , if you put an offer/ update in your account, a person in that locality under a defined radius, or selected the location as preferred location to get updates, receives that update.

User Accounts: IWontMiss got user accounts which gather analytical and personal info about the people accessing your app. Same users can be converted as your customers and can get a quick launch for your sellables. We have plans to connect Facebook or Gmail login if we get the details we want, which will get more user flow towards your IWontMiss business profile.

Continuous evolving on latest trends, technology, strategies and digital marketing: Any latest technology change, social media, devices all we will handle and will be available for you in IWontMiss. You no need to worry about any technology or trend change , and no need to make any investment towards that. Any new approach coming for digital marketing or any new promotion methodology , all will be available here in this platform.
For e.g., want to add an opinion poll? or a contest? we have them in-built! Need any new business action? Let us know, we will add it for you!

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